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JOINTMASTER offers a comprehensive range of medium and high voltage cable terminations aimed at the local and export markets.

The terminations cater for all cable types including PILC and XLPE for both indoor and outdoor applications in size ranges from 16 up to 1000sq mm up to 36kV These terminations have been independently tested by KEMA to the requirements of CENELEC HD629.1 S2.

A wide range of complimentary accessories such as right angle and straight anti track bushing insulating boots are available to compliment the terminations.

2.Sealing Mastic
3.XLPE Insulation
4.Non Tracking Tube
5.Creepage Extension Shed
6.Stress Control Tube
7.Stress Grading Mastic
9.Metal Screen
10.Roll Spring
11.Screen Earthing Braid
12.inner Sheath
13.Hose Clip
14.Black Mastic
17.Soldered Moisture Block
18.T.C. Braid
19.Outer Sheath
1 (a) Rated withstand voltage AC – Dry
(b) Rated withstand voltage AC – Dry
(c) Rated withstand voltage AC – Wet
28,5kV – 5 min
16kV – 15 min
25,5kV – 1 min
57kV – 5 min
32kV – 15 min
51kV – 1 min
85,5kV – 5 min
47,5kV – 15 min
76kV – 1 min
2 D.C. Voltage withstand – Dry 38kV – 15 min 76kV – 15min 114kV – 15 min
3 Rated impulse Voltage
10 pos & 10 neg
95kV 150kV 200kV
4 Partial discharge <5pC @ 12kV <5pC @ 24kV <5pC @ 36kV
5 Load cycling @ max cable temp
(a) In air 3 cycles
(b) In air 123 cycles
(c) In air 113 cycles
(d) In air 60 cycles
(e) In 1 mtr Water 63 cycles
(f) Immersion in water 10 cycles
16kV 32kV 47,5kV
6 Humidity test
(a) 300hr @spray rate 0.3dm3/m3
8kV 16kV 24kV
7 Salt Fog test
(b) 1000hr @spray rate 0.3dm3/m3
8kV 16kV 24kV
8 Impact test @ ambient temp
Impact test @ low temp -20oC for 2hr
> 1000 M ohm
> 1000 M ohm
> 1000 M ohm
> 1000 M ohm
> 1000 M ohm
> 1000 M ohm